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Roger Carr
49 Grant Street
Brighton, VIC 3186
+61 (0)3 9593 1790


6 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Michael Rowe Says:

    Hi Roger

    I have to say, this is a great site – really enjoying it. It’s an absolute breath of fresh air, and it’s saving me a lot of effort hunting articles down!

    Congratulations on a great job and keep it coming!

    Michael (Bec’s partner)

  2. Graeme Rodaughan Says:

    You might find this amusing.

    CO2 was out jogging one nite, he heard a scuffle down an alleyway and without thinking of the consequences decided to go and investigate.

    Down the alleyway he found Gaia slumped over in a pool of blood with a large knife sticking out of her back.

    CO2 was very fond of Gaia, he pulled the knife from her back and threw it away in disgust, he then tenderly cradled her in his arms – accidentally getting blood all over his hands.

    At that time, the IPCC and GISS showed up and slapped CO2 into handcuffs.

    “Ha” the IPCC said, ” Caught Red Handed”.

    “Your nicked”, said GISS.

    “But it wasn’t me”. implored CO2.

    IPCC and GISS laughed at CO2. “And who is going to believe you – we have all the evidence we need.”

    A few bystanders had gathered, and one said “Find a rope, CO2s not fit to live.”

    “Hang him high” the gathering crowd shouted.

    And in the shadows, a figure strolled into the alley way, scooped up the knife, calmly cleaned it and put it away.

    “Hmmm – proceeeding just as planned.” the figure remarked with a sly smirk as he strolled away.

    Cheers G

  3. Graeme Rodaughan Says:

    There’s no need for DNA – the “science is settled”.

  4. Graeme Rodaughan Says:

    Yes – and I think that’s happening.

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